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All – disqualification is a necessary evil here at the tournament. I hate it. But we stand by these difficult decisions which I will elaborate on what you’ve likely already been told.

Mark – Ralph’s index went from 9.1 to 6.5 – a ~40% improvement from his index entering the event. I’m not excited to hear we lose a participant for this decision. But it was not a computer, it was human common sense in protecting the field.

Dean – You were playing off our WA index which is just 2 scores we know about. Your own GHIN showed higher than that with a larger sample size. You had net differentials of -3 and -6.1. Your index when you post those scores will go from 18.9 to 17.2. I’m surprised it won’t drop more but it will be a somewhat more accurate reflection of your playing ability. Also your best WA score from 2021 is not posted to your GHIN. Another reason your index is not an accurate reflection of your ability. I respect and appreciate that you’ve played a long time. But we don’t look at how long someone has played when making these decisions, just the data.

Andy – David’s index went from 7.2 to 5.9 – a 20% improvement from his index entering the event. I also see a skins game result of a net differential of -3.8 which makes for four consecutive rounds at or below below his current handicap (Net differentials of -3.8, -4,1, 0, -1.5). The probability of such a result is one in 175,000 or 14 World Am’s worth of rounds by all players.

Gary – your index went from 19.2 to 17.6 – remember the handicap system does not care about your bad rounds. Only the good ones, which you had two in a three day stretch. Lift clean and place is not considered since it is meant to offset difficulties of a wet golf course not make it easier than if it was dry.

We’re all for getting better at golf. We want you to get better. Unfortunately with an established handicap, increases tend to be at a snails pace. With dramatic swings it becomes clear when you are not competing against your peers with the handicap established for the tournament.

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