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Bob Newman

Brian, once again you have to look at what his differentials were for the rounds. He could have been with in the range for the all of the rounds. You can’t just look at the net score. It boils down to what becomes abnormal rounds. If the slope of the courses are low, you can d shoot a low score and still be within your differentials for that would. At my home course, I elect the 5600++(126 slope) tees since a low round will not drop my handicap as much as the 136 slope 6100++ tees. All of this info is under the handicap section of the USGA website. I have noticed that a great deal of the players in different groups I play on are always having career rounds the one time a month they play in the group to win the $$$. I have also looked them up and they seldom post any good scores. Just my take on everything. Believe it or not, it is the nature of the beast. They are just following the guidelines of net tournaments.

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