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Dean – I’m sorry you did not have fun. For a moment imagine being in 2nd or 10th place in your flight how much fun they had trying to beat someone not meant for their flight.

For starters – yes posting a score 3 better than your index WILL reduce your handicap.

Aside from the score missing there’s another posted from the incorrect, easier tee box. In 2020 you also posted your best score from the wrong, easier tee box. They’re posted in February or later of the following year which is against the ideology of the system and maybe why you don’t post them accurately or at all. Our team is not na├»ve to this behavior.

You were 17 shots up on second place after just THREE rounds of golf. Ahead of a gentleman who was playing about as good as someone who could win your flight could. You were up 10 shots GROSS on the gross leader of flight 38 playing the same courses.

If you return in 2023 which I am not expecting but in case you do you need to post your scores now. I listed them below. This is a pattern, not a one off. This is why we make the decisions we make.

I never say the system is perfect but this is egregious. I feel confident the 43 players in your flight reading this appreciate us standing up for them.

2022 89 Barefoot Resort, Love – GREEN
2022 84 Founders Club at Pawleys Island – GOLD
2022 85 Diamondback Golf Course – RATTLESNAKE

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