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Tom Doughan

BL Oliver,

I know about that pain. I was playing the same rotation as yours but in Flight 23. Remember, that 6,800 yds are actually closer to 7,100 or 7,200 due to sea level versus back home elevation. We were “commenting” (I use that term tactfully) on the setups all week and how they were impacting us old boys excepting about a dozen or so long ball hitters.

On our Closest to the Pin contest, we lasered it at 193 yards! That is a setup used when there is a car, shotgun, or some other large prize at stake – not for a dozen golf balls. Absurd! All week on the par 4’s I was hitting second shots anywhere from 165 yds to 215 yds into the greens. Not so easy with the rough we had when I missed fairways. According to my stat app, for the 62 holes we got in I used 15 3-wood (1/3 as tee shots) and 35 hybrid shots. The only thing that made the week any fun were my groupings each day. I felt lucky to have some fun ones so the week went by way too quickly.

At least the overall champion came out of Flight 23. Congrats to him! It’s great to see a single digit player win the whole thing since it has only happened about 9 times, I think.

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