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Billy Johnson

I would love to know what WA considers an exceptional score, to justify deductions/disqualifications.

USGA considers exceptional scoring if a golfer’s differenial goes 7.0-9.9 below his/her index…for -1 reduction. Or -2 if a golfer goes 10.0 or more below differential.

No one that I know of knows what standard WA follows when they decide to make these decisions. I’ve said for the longest time, that WA wants everyone to shoot good…but not TOO good.

No one is naive to think that all golfers are honest about their index. But, I don’t know of any participants that know what WA’s standard is for making those calls.

…and yes, my dad got robbed a few years back when he won his flight. Then got (retroactively) adjusted on Thursday night for the entire week…because they told him the computer said he shot TOO good for that week. Nothing exceptional, nothing I haven’t seen him shoot. But…c’est la vie.

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