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Bob Newman

Billy, I know all the guidelines That the USGA suggest etc. the one I keep going to is a golfer should only best their handicap 3 times in 20 rounds. I know that the WA has more info than the USGA because of the number of golfers that participate. I asked Scott a few questions about players beating the odds and was very politely told that they didn’t share that info. And I fully expected that answer. But I also asked that I did hope that they shared that info with the USGA so that maybe that data could change how USGA comes up with their data. I think that th WA staff has come up with a system that is better than the USGA guidelines to control “their” tournament. Cause, everyone that posts all their scores are at a disadvantage when playing against those that do not posts. And if they told us their guidelines, anyone could figure out how to cheat the system.. I have not had many decent rounds the last couple years and I missed not playing last year. If I can find a reasonable game between now and signup closing, I might be back to see if I can beat that 3 in 20 rounds stat.

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