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Billy Johnson

Bob, I agree that the disadvantage lies with us “honest” golfers, who post every score…and have a legit index.

We get penalized when we’re on a good roll. We’ve done it before…shoot under our index for a few consecutive rounds.

If it’s during WA play…they penalize you. If it’s any other time of the year, your index goes down, and you play to the low index for the past 365 days…even if you’re not playing well come the next WA.

I understand the task that the WA has to undertake, with handicaps/fair play. But, I do believe that WA should be more transparent about what their guidelines are, and not spring surprises on us golfers after the fact.

We’re all big boys/girls, and we all know what’s right/wrong. WA should be more forthcoming with their guidelines as it pertains to adjustments, disqualifications, etc.

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