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Billy Johnson

I’ve played with guys that have indexes higher than mine, and shoot lower gross scores than me and don’t get adjusted/disqualified. That’s my main issue…the inconsistancy.

I’ll say this. WA is not real consistant with their rules across the board…not just handicaps. I played in a flight where a guy (golfer A) that was supposed to have a tee time with myself and one other guy (golfer B).

Golfer A decided to tee off (and play) with his buddy in the group in front of us, because they were missing a golfer who didn’t show up. I asked the starter about it. He told me exactly that…he wanted to play with his buddy. Golfer A was in first place in the flight at that time…BTW.

I reported it to WA. They took him off the board that night…only to have him back on the board the next morning. I never got any straight answer about why something like that wasn’t enforced.

Again, the inconsistancy is baffling to me. But I do enjoy playing on the courses they provide, and seeing friends that I haven’t seen since the last tourney. The thing is…WA will not do a whole lot about a lot of things, until it really hits them in the wallet and their are a significant number of decline in participation.

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