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Mike Sigmon

I must agree with you & Rick this is a must and it would be no trouble at all to do..

they got away from that during the COVID year when we had Tee times the head honchos in charge said it was to much trouble to line it all up by scores when having to use tee times and I do see that having 60 courses or so and 3000 plus people where it could be a pain in the back side..

But on the last day everyone now has a cell phone or access to a computer and they know even with tee times they could log onto the world am leader board and see what your tee time and starting hole is either 1 or 10 and so on.

If we are shotgun start then log on and see what hole you start on and who you will be playing with or if you are at the 19th hole pick up a sheet..Every tournament I’ve ever played in I had to either call the course or log into there website to get my tee time for the last day and who I would be playing with.

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