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Bruce Friend

Robin, I will respond as no one else has and I have made arrangements with others in car shares. Unfortunately, there might be a difference with men attending versus women as there are a lot more men and not many women post on this board. Don’t mean to make a sexist comment but that is just a fact.

Look to stay in Central MB and Breakers, Carribean and The Strand are all great options on the website in accomodations. Being in Central, it is easier for others to possibly pass your area 3 of the 4 days.
After flights have been announced post on here your specifics need in hope other women are reading at that time. If you are on Facebook (I’m not), post on the WAM site as well. During your first round, be very friendly and we have been successful in finding rides with playing partners and I have given rides to others that are looking.

Good luck

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