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Mike Sigmon

Great Story Louie,
As to Tony I agree with Bill It can happen for a 18 handicap to shoot a 78/80 We have a guy at one of the courses we play at that runs a tournament every year it is flighted after the first round with a bust out number that’s drawn and posted in a envelope after play starts on Sundays for each flight he had a guy with a 12 handicap come in on the first day of the tournament a few years ago with a 66 -6 so this 12 handicap guy was leading the championship flight by 1 shot. He came back the next day with a 70 -2 and finished 2nd in the championship flight This guy has played in this tournament for 10 years and is always in the 3rd or 4th flight so yes people do have days when they play great for a few rounds. And by the way the past 3 year this 12 Handicapper has not come close to par in this tournament..lol Anyway it sucks to be DQ after playing for 25 years with all those scores to go back and look at and clearly see there is no pattern of a sand bagger in his scores. ( You can look on the home page under about and past results )And just because he put together 3 good rounds after 25 years of faithfully playing in the tournament you are welcomed by a phone call telling you that your scores or suspicious or something like that I think he said. If he had only played here for 1 or 2 years and this happen yea I agree that you need to look at a person that has a score like that but not after playing 25 years and finally you put together 3 good rounds NO I don’t think a DQ was in order for this Louie. You pay you hard earned $ to come have fun and hopefully win your flight NOT to be DQ because you just happen to play well for one week after 25 years!!!
As I said above if you have people who have came and played in the W/AM for 10 or more years you have a history of their scores and if they are playing to a wrong handicap or not…People do have good rounds that’s much better than their handicap. And should not be penalized because they just happen to have a great week after 25 years..
On the other hand if this had been Louie’s first or 2nd year then yep the DQ would have more than likely been in order !!!

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