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Christopher Smith

I think what most people don’t realize is a couple of things.

Whatever your handicap is, you are supposed to shoot that score once on average every 10 to 20 rounds. I’ve heard so many times, I’m not putting that round in because it lowers my handicap. That is the point. A handicap is not to be manipulated in any way at all. Put in EVERy score and prove that you can shoot what you shoot. That’s why people are DQ’d when they come in shooting scores they are actually capable of but never put them in due to how they want to compete outside of a tournament like this one.

Tournament golf is not easy, so you have two camps. Athletes that know how to compete and can get in the right state of mind to shoot consistent scores or cheaters that fall into the above category that I explained. While you aren’t likely nefarious in your “cheating”, it is disingenuous to not enter every single score regardless of how high or how low. You have to have a proper history to indicate you can do this type of scoring.

I hate seeing people DQ’d but we have to be 100% honest all the time.

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