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Keith Stephens


You wrote, “Whatever your handicap is, you are supposed to shoot that score once on average every 10 to 20 rounds.”

If you shot your handicap only once every 10-20 rounds, it wouldn’t be your handicap….not even close. Look at the USGA or GHIN websites….or Google “How often should you shoot your handicap?” You will see that ALL sources are in agreement. You should shoot your handicap approximately 25% of the time….or once every 4-5 rounds. NOT once every 10-20 rounds.

But I do agree with you. No one likes a sandbagger. Post your scores….all of them. It’s that simple. Some golfers rise to the occassion and play some of their best golf in tournaments. Others get nervous and choke.

There’s no perfect method for the WA Staff to hold every golfer accountable for their scores. One of my closest friends that I’ve met playing golf in MYR was DQ’d several years ago in the WA. No way is he a cheater or a sandbagger. The WA Staff got it wrong with him. Conversely, I have played with someone at the WA who, let’s just say, made some very questionable “rulings” during the round. No DQ for him. It’s not a perfect system, but trying to keep up with 3200+ golfers over 4 days is kind of like herding cats…some will “get away” no matter what you do.

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