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david tiano

This will be my 17th year so I have seen a lot of Adjustments and Disqualified players over the years.

Louie, I feel for you. I believe in your prep work prior to last years event as I do that every year and usually find my self “competing” or playing well.

Chris, You are correct that a handicap “REQUIRES” all scores to be recorded nothing else. I joined a club that uses Golf Genius and our Pro Shop Staff post our scores after each round. If I play anywhere else I post it correctly by not posting anything over a NET Double Bogie.

The WA staff has said over and over it is statistically impossible to have a have a player score 3 OF our 4 tournament rounds at or below your correct index. They have posted and emailed us all links and stories on how this cannot happen and if someone does, it’s a disqualification as it is there job to protect the field and the tournament.

I don’t remember when this current group of WA management took over running the event but they do the best job over the last two groups of management.
In 2006 (my first year) the event was nicknamed “The sandbagger open” and one of the players told me that if you came in with a correct handicap you were 2-4 shots per day behind on the field.
I had fun and encouraged friends to come with me and they said that didn’t want to play in that tournament because of all the cheating.

I am thankful that this has been corrected and we have moved on to better management of this event.

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