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Bruce Friend

You may not like my comments but you asked.

I don’t see how it is the staff of the World Am fault for the inflation this country has been in for the past 2 years. In fact, I would commend them in their attempt to keep costs that they do control from rising at the same pace that is affecting other costs that all of us attending are having to pay. So, you finding the costs to travel to the US is high and unmanageable, that is a shame but there are plenty living in the US that is having similar issues.

In terms of the prizes, you mention they won’t ship a specific putter. You can still use the gift card to buy other merchandise? So your problem is a “you” issue. Spend the money on other items. Don’t want to give PGA Superstore your business, then don’t. The World Am staff isn’t making anything unfair to non-US players with your complaint.

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