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michael marshall

Dear Mr friend
I have been in e mails since last year about this and World Am did not reply for several months so I have a right to complain about them for the awful Customer care.

1) I have and am not blaming world am for inflation, I was explaining why I could not afford to travel this year in answer to one of their replies. Car hire has more than doubled, inflation has not. Cars were taken away due to Covid and people not allowed to travel They have not replaced them so it is supply/demand.
2) Why should I pick something else when I have tried that putter in PGA Superstore and liked it. The World am used to give a card out on the last night so you could spend it before you left. They now send you an email and PGA Superstore state they ship abroad and then renege on that and blame the manufacturer.

When you win a prize there should not be any restrictions for non USA citizens. Please only make comments when you can listen to the whole truth and understand how long I have been trying to sort this. I know this as I have played over 20 times and won at least 2 prizes before which I bought before my trip finished so I do know what I am talking about.

I wish you well in your quest to become World Am champion this year. At least you do not have to beat myself.

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