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Charles Mines

Great story Louie….

Like you (and many of us) I also worry about “catching lighting in a bottle”. This coming year will the 9th one for me. I will be 59 at Tee Time this year and I thoroughly enjoy the entire week I’m in MB (it’s MY VACATION 4 ME!!!). During the year I play in two different nationwide Amateur Leagues. I have always had at least 20 tournament rounds played before my handicap is due, so my scores are out there and very true. Plus, the scores from the World AM.

I have the capability to shoot a low score here and there…. and that’s what scares me the most when playing in the WA. My goal every time I tee up is the break 80. I have been lucky enough to do it once this year to win a tournament (79 & 80). I am a long hitter (especially for my age, won the longest drive the past 2 years and 5 times out of the past 8 years). The tournaments I play, we play around 6200-6400 yards. At the WA I’m playing 200 – 400 yards less, for me every Par 5 at the WA is basically a long Par 4 (and that’s my advantage). If I can keep that ONE bad round at bay, I think I could win my flight and by 5-6 strokes. I would very upset if I was disqualified for “Playing 4 days to my potential or a bit better”. I’d rather for “The Committee” to adjust my handicap for that day (make it much lower, make me play and concentrate even more). I just think that’s more a fair way ESPECIALLY for those who have been at the WA for several years and their handicap scores are out there for everyone to see.

I just think getting penalized for having a couple of good rounds is just BAD and WRONG. For some people they wouldn’t come back anymore and then they would tell their friends about it (more potential participants lost). And not to mention what would then be posted on Social Media. As much as I love coming the MB and playing in this… I could easily play some EXTREMELY nice courses in FL, AZ, CA or even Hilton Head (for about the same cost I pay for travel and lodging in MB). Hopefully “The Committee” will take some of these responses to heart….

@Louie, you should get a shirt that says “I to DQ’d for being TOO GOOD at the WA” (then post your scores on the back). 😀

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