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Ian MacLean

Hope they have a rules seminar. There are multiple USGA rules changes for 2023. Big ones include the “Ricky Fowler rule” if you remember him at the Waste Management, he took a drop after putting the ball in the water and while looking where to hit the next shot his ball rolled back in the water (another penalty). Now if the ball moves to a different part of the course there is no penalty and you can place the ball back to where it was (only IF it moves from one part of the course to another). If the ball moves but stays in the same part of the course, play it from the new position. Do not confuse this rule with the Dustin Johnson rule, If a ball moves on the green after you nave replaced it, then you move it back with no penalty. Not so worried about the regular rules but rather the Model local rules and which ones will the WA committee use. For example, Model local rule F5 “for a ball in the general area, relief is allowed when both the ball and obstruction lie in an area cut to fairway heights or less. The obstruction (E.g. sprinkler head) must be:
1. within 2 club lengths of the putting green.
2. on the player’s line of play, AND
3. The ball must be within 2 club lengths of the obstruction.
As a rules official here in Hawaii, we have used this model rule for all championships. Can’t wait to get to the World AM this year!

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