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Ray Brimer

I had back surgery 2yr ago and missed a entire summer of golf and lost about 12mph on my driver swing speed. My scores since then range from 74 to 90 admittedly 1 74 and 1 76 (last summer) and a few other scores in the high 70s. My handicap has went from an 8 (pre-surgery) to a 11 down to 9 back to 12.6 now. I post every score and have been playing more than I have in several years but by the criteria the world am uses 1 of the 70s scores would have dq. Me. It probably won’t matter I will probably puke all over my self like I have in my past WORLD AMs. But the assertion that you only have 3 scores out of 20 you play at or below your index is false. The USGA has said that a person will score at or below their index approximately 44% of the time.

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