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Mike Sigmon

Hey David,
Most of the guys running the skins games are there at the course early and getting names of anyone in the flights wanting to play…Also most like to collect on Monday morning for the week as they like to be able to hit some balls and putt a few also…

In our flight they play 20-20-20-40 That breaks down to 20 on Monday per player, 20 on Tue., 20 Wed. and 40 on Thurs. or 100 for the week..

To see who wins you can hang around at the end or find out the next morning from the person who is running your game…

I’m sure each flight does it about the same but if you get to the course early enough to hit some balls and putts I’m sure you will have no problem finding the person or person’s taking care of your game..
As to where you tee off and time that info will be in your check in packet you pick up from the PGA Superstore for each day unless they decide to do the last DAY by flight scores….

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