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Tom McCain

Welcome David!
This will be a wonderful experience for you. I’ve played since 2005 except for the China flu year and have always had a great time, especially when I win a skin.
I’ve run skins for several years. It’s always a gross skin, and I collect daily. 40×100= too much cash for me to keep up with, especially if something happened to me.
A few tips as a first timer: bring an extra pair of shoes if you have them. You may play in the rain. So have rain gear and gloves. Have fun! This can be a yearly experience as you meet other guys and make new friends. My late friend Lou was a guy I met early on, and we hit it off. To the point that after he moved to MB, he opened his home to me for over 10 years. No charge, here’s your door key, beers in the fridge. Sadly, he passed 2 years ago, and I still miss my friend. Yet I’ve made a bunch of friends thru this event and we look forward to seeing each other every year. I have another friend that retired there and he and his wife open their home to me often to visit from NC.
Ok, see you there. Go to the convention center and play Eva in pool. She’s a sweetheart and I’ll be there donating my $20!

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