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Ed Guertin

Hi Dave, first welcome to the World AM, I’m sure you will love it! As previously stated here your skins will be against 2 flights. Just about all guys who run the skins pools are fantastic folks who are taking a good part of their day to make it exciting for all of us! So, if you do hit a skin, etiquette is to tip the guy running it, most don’t expect it but they sure do appreciate it!
The downside to some flights was the fact that no one ran the pool, happened in my flight 2 years in a row. The last couple of years it was mostly due to tee times, we are now back to shotguns so I hope that helps? I’ll have to wait and see…
Ohhhh, NEVER get in a skins pool where the guy running it is not playing, just collecting the $$$, you’ll never see him again…
Enjoy and play well!

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