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Tom McGeehan

I started playing in the World Am in 1986. Have played in the tournament 33 times. I just decided today to play one more time just to have this unique experience one more time. The old days with DuPont as the sponsor, the grand prize sitting outside the convention center (cars). The year they gave away a condo. The two hurricanes I got to experience. The rains, the beautiful weather, good golf courses and not so good golf courses, but most of all the experience of meeting folks from all over the world that, like me, came in with great expectations, and left reflecting on the good times I had even though I did not have the good results I had hoped for.
This year, I come down to enjoy the whole experience one more time. I am very lucky to have been able to play in the first flight of my age group each of the 33 years I have participated. I am 78 and will still be in the first flight in my age group. That by itself is a unique accomplishment that I cherish.
This trip will be all smiles for me. To remember all those that I have lost along the way and to see the folks I have had the honor to meet and play with during this journey makes this an amazing trip that I will so thoroughly enjoy!

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