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Chandler Wells

1st off welcome to the World Am…I personally have run the skins in Flights 10 & 11 the past 2 years and 5-6 the previous 2 years, and I’m positive all those fellas would tell you I run a tight game. All of the previous replies are correct! There are always two very similar handicapped flights at each venue daily, and 20-20-20-40 for the 4 days is typical. YES, it is much easier to pay all at once Monday a.m., and I am always there early that day because of it. Just easier to collect and track instead of beyond tracked down and paid daily. I like to mingle and maybe putt or hit some balls, not collect new entries every day.

I always stick around in the clubhouse until all cards are recorded/seen and if guys are there they get paid on the spot. If not, in an envelope 1st thing in the morning next day! I also keep a daily log of skins, who won and how much in case someone has a question about a previous day.

Advice…Definitely enter because one great shot can pay for your entry with a nice skin! Always make sure to show the skins guys your tourney scorecard prior to turning it in to the Pro Shop, non-tourney cards ARE NOT ACCEPTED! I personally do not expect any gratuity or tip, but certainly does make it nice when guys buy me an ice cold Miller Lite or throw a bone! Unlike a guy 2 years ago that won the only skin for the day $1,680 and not only didn’t tip, but didn’t even offer a beer or a reach around! LOL…Most skins guys run 2 flights together and some split them. Either way, it’s worth the shot at getting paid off for a great shot!

Again, welcome to the WA, and most importantly make some friends and have a good time!


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