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Glenn Foster

I’ve never seen the adjustment go up, or back up once adjusted. I’ve been adjusted 1 or 2 times over the years. They were rotation yrs that I had played those courses numerous times through the tourney, so I was adjusted for last day both times? Regardless, I played pissed off/mad after adjustment both times. Curiously looking back at it, I distinctly remember had they left me alone in adjustment, I would have not broken either way.
I played Wicked Stick, Sandpiper (Now The Hackler), Rivers’ Edge each and Litchfield Plantation; 3 out of 5 years. I was cutting the ball the same off the tee all week so predictably and I was net under par for 3 rnds, I wasn’t the only one either. We had flights of 100+ back then. ( Anybody that plays with me knows Ole Glenn’s a fader! 🙂 ). Doesn’t matter except if you know/play these courses often, it’s not nearly as hard to remember the hazards and bad places. Their formula is well defined somewhere for all to see, but if you’re honest with all score submissions, and you do have the “Literal Best Week Ever” just let it go, you did so well you HAD to be adjusted to protect the field? You’re next couple of years tournament index is gonna suffer also with good WA scores.

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