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Glenn Foster

Fellas, I’m just saying, the maximum handicap is a 36 for entry ( last time I looked yrs. ago.). So why, if the max handicap is double bogey, why isn’t triple bogey enough to pick up & move on?
Now, I am saying this without looking up what the highest allowable handicap is now, and this is a moot point after all these yrs of 9 max anyway. I just don’t think people should have to loose their chances on a nervous 1st day, or play a lot of forced carry golf courses & not be able to feel like 1 day of high numbers will ruin the rest of the week if the next course are less demanding for yardages.
I’m sure someone, not naming names, will check the 36 handicap max, but 4-5 triples on a card can be mentally dealt with than 4-5 of the 9’s that could be on any par 3 or 5? Not just a time saver, but makes my math easier to add up: 9’s hurt my feelings!! 😉

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