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Ricky Herman

Flights 21 and 22 Senior 60-69

We are at Prestwick Golf Club on Monday morning and all carts will be near the bag drop. To make it easy on everyone, especially me, it would be great if everyone who intends to participate in the skins game can pay in full on Monday. This also helps in those rarest of occasions when the pot roles over from the previous day, if you did not participate on the prior day you cannot join on that day. Skins buy-in will be $20, $20, $20 & $40 for a total of $100. For ease of scoring, I will combine both flights on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday both flights will be separate. Remember this is for you guys to get some green backs if you shoot bad the first day.

Typical skins rules: This is all Gross Skins
* First rule it is your responsibility to report all your birdies to me or my helper in the bar area after your round. Not the pro shop. If you forget your loss.
• Birdies or better on a hole to win a skin.
• Should there be a day that all skins are cut the pot will roll over to the next day.
• On Thursday the last day if all skins are cut, I will pay all Birdies on the four Par 3.
* Any birdies turned in for scoring should be done as follows:
• After your round I will be in the bar area to record all skins for the day. Bring your scorecard to me prior to turning it in to pro shop. Keep in mind that i am playing also so have a beer or two until I get in the bar. All payouts will be after the round if you are not there i will give it to you in the morning. Stick around enjoy your round and support the bar.
• I am always at the course early so if you are getting in skins hit me up when you get there with your money. Have a great Tournament and lets have a 100% Skin Pool

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
My Information:
Rick Herman
Cell – 240-831-1467 or email me at hermanricky53@gmail.com

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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