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Bobby Thomas

Skins Game Flights 15 & 16

To make it easy on everyone, especially me, it would be great if everyone who intends to participate in the skins game can pay in full on Monday. This also helps in those rarest of occasions when the pot roles over from the previous day, if you did not participate on the prior day you cannot join on that day. Skins buy-in will be $20, $20, $20 & $40 for a total of $100. Venmo or Zelle is accepted along with good ‘ole cash. For ease of scoring, I will combine both flights into one pot; this should make for nice payouts.
I will be onsite Monday morning by 0700 and will be around warming up and should be easily spotted as I will most likely have bright yellow golf shoes. I will need your Name and Phone number. I will have sign-up sheets and rules available at sign up. Since they are doing shotgun starts again, all will need to be signed up before we tee off. I will stop collecting before they send us out.
If you want to help, just spread the word since not all read these boards.

Typical skins rules:
– Birdies or better on a hole to win a skin.
– Two birdies or better on a hole cuts the hole.
– Should there be a day that all skins are cut the pot will roll over to the next day.
– On the last day if all skins are cut, all birdies will split the pot equally.
Any birdies turned in for scoring should be done as follows:
– I will remain on site for 30-45 minutes after my round for you to submit your birdies.
– If you cannot find me after the round, you can text me a picture of your official scorecard with all signatures. State in the text your name and hole birdie or better was scored on. This must be on the OFFICIAL scorecard, not a course card. Send it before you turn it in to the scoring officials.
– All text for birdies to be scored need to be received by me no later than 4:00pm the day of the round Any text after 4:00pm will not be scored, this gives me time to score and notify winners in a reasonable time.
– All winners will be notified by text that night of their winnings and their money will be available for pick up the next morning.
– I will make sure to be at the course at least 1 hour before the round starts so everyone can get their money.
– On the last day I will stay at the course until play is over and make payouts at the course. Do not leave if you are expecting a payout. If you win and are not around to be paid in person, you will have to be paid electronically.

Bobby Thomas
Venmo: @Bobby-Thomas-66

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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