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Lindy Sullivan

Ridiculous…. And I understand weather concerns and safety, but to make the decision on Tuesday was way premature… looking now, golf may be playable tomorrow, might not but I’d like it to at least be a possibility… and to cancel after 20 min today was horrible… it didn’t rain again for at least 2 hours (heavy) and I know Lightning was outside the 10 mile window. (I have a warning system on my phone) but overheard guy at counter say let’s get em out of here.

I’ll be back because I love the competition and all the friends I’ve made.. However could have been managed better and taken care of us differently (entice us to come back rather than rain checks to courses I most likely won’t use, because if I’m down in Myrtle it’s for this tournament)
John great meeting you, we will play again!
Friends are the number one reason I keep coming back.

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