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Lindy Sullivan

Beautiful weather today, courses are open.. could it have been worse? Yes, but it wasn’t. Give the courses the opportunity to make the decision. Not just blindly cancel.. I paid $600 to play golf and enjoy friends. And got two rounds..and 2 rain checks! Now I’m out in beautiful sunshine not playing golf.. I was 10 back, would I make a charge and move up, maybe but never given the opportunity.Everyone has one iffy round, had mine on day one.. and “finished” my tournament with 15 straight pars. And on top of all that, don’t say anything to the leader of our flight until after Wednesday “even though we didn’t play” and disqualify him ? WTF! A 4.5 handicap can easily shoot 77-74. But to not even say anything until after he had thought he won.. that’s bull.what are we as 4 handicaps do? We have rounds in the low 80s and we can shoot 70.. If playing well I know I could shoot 75-76 4 days in a row.. but if it happens, DQ? It’s not like we are 20s shooting 75. And no offense to 20s they can have decent rounds also.. I don’t know the whole thing was just wrong.

Should have an option for discount for the next year. I’ll still be back because I love the friendships I’ve made.. I’d say I love to compete too but we didn’t do that, and if we had, we’d get DQed anyway. Geez.. net even for two days on relatively easy courses and told after our “tournament” was over.

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