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Mike Sigmon

As far a someone not taking a divot when hitting a 2nd shot I’ve seen a ton of people that almost never take a divot so yea it’s possible that someone did hit it on the line and you could not tell they ever hit a shot from there…
But what gets me is the winners of the final rounds on Friday I’ve seen 9 handicaps shoot 1 or 2 over par gross to net -7 to -9. Almost every year the winning person has a handicap range from 9 to 30. The person playing with a 0 to 3 handicap does not have a chance playing against these people you don’t get a 0 to 3 handicap by posting wrong scores. I’m not saying some of these people do not need a 9 to 30 handicap I’m just saying if you go back over the last 5 or so years maybe even more I just looked at these but how is it that these folks always have a round on the final day to win the trophy with a under par round of -4 or more for each of these years. When a 3 or 4 Handicap wins there flight they play the final round with a 1 to 0 handicap but it seems the 9 to 30 have the same handicap they play Monday – Thurs. with and it seems that no adjustment are ever made to there handicap once winning the flight they seem to play the final round with the same thing they play Mon – Thurs with. IDK

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