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Glenn Foster

I like the revamp idea!! Maybe pay top 10, and increase top 5 payout as well. We have to use it at the sponsors’ store/site so they are still recouping 50%+ from the purchase of goods with the card value.
Maybe giving something else away besides gift cards there as well. Entertainment venues and Restaurants should be getting in on some gifts to give families here to try new places.
Dupont use to give away a Toyota car/truck to a winner in a drawing. Everyone that paid the entry fee, got a chance. (I know that company was humongous sponsor…) Why not try a local dealer for some community love? This tournament is way to big to not let other sponsors feel included for the weekend before it , and after. Is their some proprietary thing where PGA Superstore can be the only one?
Revamping the the prize scale is way overdue, like I said, you can’t spend it anywhere else, and the actual “prize money”, with PGA Superstore making back more than they award. A top ten finish should still be rewarded from 6th-10th. It is a good enough finish for something, especially since they have probably played to their truer handicap anyway.

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