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Rick Kimbrell

Let me preface this by saying that this time of year, I only read the board once or twice a month.

Ok, ok, this post has been up now for a little over a month. So I ask you, bulletin board participants, fellow World Am players…has it provided any insight into the Myrtle Beach World Amateur? Has it helped you in your quest to be a better golfer?

Not to take away anything from the OP, who obviously is a WA participant, but I don’t understand his purpose of posting such on this board. Maybe I am misinterpreting his post. Maybe those of you who have read it have shaved at least 2 strokes off your game. Maybe it will appeal to “more intellectual” players to sign up for the WA. How would I know? But I really did graduate from the 3rd grade in Alabama public school system. Thus, I do question the actual title of this post as being grammatically correct.

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