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John Decatur

You would think the WA committee would learn from the PGA and the incompetent leader Jay Monahan. He didn’t listen to the players concerns and a new league was formed. If the WA committee enforced slow play and assessed penalties on certain slow players you wouldn’t have a problem. But they don’t care they have our money. They talk a good game but let’s be honest the player gifts suck and now they make a decision that failed during Covid when the player participation was much lower and they bring it back for what logical reason. I have heard a lot of people talking on the Facebook message board of coming that week and not playing in WA but doing their own thing. I play in non WA events leading up to the WA with up to 100 players at premiere courses for far less than what we pay to draw Lions Paw or Crown Park and the rounds don’t last 5-6 hours. I come to relax and meet new people and see old friends. I don’t want to be forced to do something only a small majority want. It bothers me to read long time players commenting on how they won’t play because of this stupid decision.

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