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Bruce Friend

I am pro-shotgun and do not like this decision.

I am aware that there are many that prefer tee-times and they are loud with the complaints. It is my guess, with the increase in price which is going to cause some not to come regardless of the shotgun/tee time issue, I am guessing there are some on the committee that fought this is the year to try tee times which those that argue claim it will help speed of play. In theory it should but it won’t. Didn’t help one bit the two years they did tee times due to Covid that I attended.

I do see they have added about 7 courses versus last year. I am hopeful they reduce flight size with more flights and spread them out among the courses which may be one of the reasons for the price increase and smaller flights could result in better pace of play. If they do this, the range of time to get all the players on the course will be narrowed. This still won’t alleviate the issue with car pooling but it might help with some.

Again, this commentary is just how I view things. I have no knowledge if it is true or not.

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