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John Decatur

Ken and others, I talked to a friend this morning who runs one of the premiere courses and he explained to me that a large majority of the premiere courses prefer tee times and if they stayed with shotgun they may have lost more premiere courses. As a result of tee times I noticed the Legends courses are back in the rotation. My friend said it got to be too hard for the course superintendents to prepare a course for an 8:30 shotgun start and he also said the potential fights they had to stop on the driving range when someone felt a person spent too much time hitting balls. Those are valid points and I will give the WA the benefit of the doubt. The issue is how many courses don’t double tee? I can think of the Norman and Wild Wing who are in the rotation so if those courses and others have 100 golfers with tee times it will be a disaster. We picked up the Legends courses but I did see Thistle and Kings North are not in the rotation so those are two big losses.
I apologize to the WA committee for my earlier comments but if they had addressed the situation and provided us honest reasons for the change I wouldn’t have been as critical. What I will hold them to is that everyone experiences an early time, 2 middle times and a late time. During the two Covid years I played they didn’t rotate the times and the lower flight got early times and the higher flight of the two got later times everyday. With golf genius you can mix it up very easily my club does it for all of our events. I have played in the WA for 16 years straight and play in their other events so I do enjoy them I just like some transparency.

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