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Billy Burwick

Great points but as a newbie (2) this will be 3, The courses I play are less of a concern than the camaraderie and the people I meet. This also makes traveling with a group of people 100x more difficult and most likely more expensive. So While they might be making the golf courses happy they are not making a good portion of the clients happy.

What time would be easier to prepare a golf course for a shotgun start if 8:30 is too early? 9:30? I would rather move the times back to accommodate the courses than spread everyone out tee time wise.

Even my friend and I in the same flight are staying together, We could have tee times separated by 3-4 hours.
Yet the course is an hour away. SOO 1 of us would either sit around for 4 hours or have to play driver and waste their time driving back and forth. So who does this benefit? Certainly not the Players of the WA.

Sorry just venting. There is no easy solution.

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