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Henry Zeberkiewicz

I have played in this tournament 38 times. I missed the first one because I did not know about it. I skipped 2020, the “covid” year. because I was in the high risk category. I won my flight one time. That was 2021 when they had tee times. I don’t know if tee times was a factor or I just happened to play to my potential for a change. Winning my flight and participating in Friday’s playoff was a memorable experience. That being said, I think tee times suck for the following reasons:

1) Lack of or diminished camaraderie
2) No skins game. After 2 rounds most players, including myself most years, are out of the hunt to
finish in the money. A skins game, however, provides incentive to birdie the next hole no matter
where you are in the standings. It’s just more fun.
3) Carpooling. It can be a total nightmare. Twice that year I had to spend an additional 2 or 3 hours
at the course waiting for my carpool partner to finish or him waiting for me to finish.
4) They need to pair the leaders together for the last round. They used to do it so I know it is
logistically possible.

I think going to tee times is a deal breaker for me this year. I hope they return to shotgun starts in 2025 If so I will be one of the first to sign up.

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