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To shed some light… It was not a coin toss! Factors that players will care about, in no particular order:

-it kept costs down. yes, even at the higher price entry fee.
-higher tier courses more apt to host.
-gives courses a fair chance to mow greens / cut fairways / stay ahead of the players. In shotguns, sometimes this meant taking the day off.
-Hectic at bag drop, scoring, driving ranges, food service (lose all personal touch with a shotgun)

Participants were fairly split on the responses from surveys.

Those with single tee will remain a shotgun which is 5 courses. That was one thing we learned out of 2020. Won’t be anything past 9:30 on a double tee and of course it will be randomized to be early / late variety for everyone. Tee times have been and always will be random.

We understand the downfalls, but they didn’t outweigh the positives we will see for both our course quality / service and the players. Should go without saying, but this decision did not get made without thoughtful consideration with many entities, including the participant surveys.

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