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Bob Newman

I for one am glad they went back to tee times. During the COVID years I got a feeling from some of them that they preferred Tee times. When I first read that I wondered if the pressure was coming down from the courses. Also keep in mind that some of the big groups of courses that have the Premium Courses are able to get their lesser courses in the rotation: ie putting up with the “Cats” for several years. At some point, some of these courses should not be allowed to host when clearly they are not in decent shape. I don’t like the increased price but I don’t mind paying it if I get quality courses. I don’t think it’s a “deal “ as someone said. I was at the CC last year and other than Demo Alley was not real happy with the vendors for golf. I use to drop about $200 / year there but only bought 2 glove’s this past year. Note, the Hirlz 22$ was a piece of ——-. Lasted 1 round. I plan on dropping it at his table if he comes this year. The $33 was a great one. I’m wondering why the early bird special ends earlier…?… this year. What will be the price after that?..

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