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Mark Hancock

Obviously I am in the minority, but I loved the tee times during the two or three years that we did them. Pace of play greatly improved with the tee times as the average round went from 5 to 6 hours to 4 1/2 hours. When you put 104 (26 foursomes) players on a course at one time, you have 8 “B” teams and the course is immediately stagnant. The general procedure of play with the shotgun, was hit a shot, go to your ball and wait at least 10 minutes. Tee times also made the practice and golf range situation much better and I didn’t feel guilty for wanting to work on my game before the round.

It is also much better for the golf courses as they can start public play when the last tournament group gets to #2 or #3, so they can start making money earlier. In a shotgun start, the course is just completely shut down for 6 hours.

The only downside to the tee times is what it does to the skins game.

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