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Mike Sigmon

I don’t have a problem with doing tee times it does for sure free up the Range so that you can go hit some balls without 3 or 4 people standing behind you who also wants to hit a few before they tee off. Plus it does give you a bit more room on the putting green to hit a few putts without 60 people all over the place on the green.
But I too agree with several of the guys above on the last day you should be paired up by scores don’t care what anyone say if you have a chance to win your flight and the leader hits one OB or hits a drive in the water you will look at playing that hold a bit different that just grip it and rip it…

And on another note it does cause some problems on the people running the skin games and hey I love playing the skins game but I will get there early on the first day just to be sure I get into the game a will pay for all 4 days right then and be done with it..Heck that pot pays better than what you win if you win your flight in a lot of cases…

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