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Rick Kimbrell

My first year was 1988. Hopefully this will be my 37th CONSECUTIVE year. Have not missed a year since I started. Heart issues will be the only reason if I do miss this year. You cannot divide the cost by 4 (number of rounds) to compare the cost to what you can play if not in tournament. This event is much more than just 4 rounds of golf. If that is all you come for, you are missing out on a lot more. At this tournament, if you let yourself, you can make lifelong friends from all over the world. You look forward every year to seeing them again. 4 rounds of golf with your buddies does not have the same competitive nature of this tournament. As Ron Hubert said above, this is a social event. Come, take it all in, enjoy it, let yourself have fun. It is worth every dollar I spend every year.

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