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Glenn Foster

Hello Bob, I played in it last year for 1st time. I live in Calabash area full time now and thought I’d try playing tournament golf other than WA in August.
It is ran very similar to the WA, except no Con. Center at night and meals, and prize stuff, are at the course after round(s). The groups I played in daily were different folks, and we had multiple tees used in every group and men & women in same 4 somes. I personally felt that was a little more time consuming each day. The round at Sandpiper Bay all 4 of us were on different tees, or used 3 tees? It took some getting used to stopping and waiting on each tee set sometimes, but it is what it is and about every 4 some had the similar issues so we all understand it’s gonna be a wait for groups to leave fairway/green after shots completed.
Courses were out about 10-14 days before tournament +/-, so similar also in WA that the best I can remember. It was cold last year, but I got some great courses! Caledonia the last day was 34 degrees that am at 8:00/am and windy so very little frost, but it was cold all day, everyday with cold am’s and 50 degree highs. I didn’t really mind it after it warmed some, but they/golfers didn’t get the 60-70 deg. days we got the week or so before the tournament.
It’s basically a “crapshoot” with weather anyway with a cold rain to me is worse that a cool day. hope this helps, but don’t be worried about the planning & management it was very well done and food is burgers, sub sandwiches, spaghetti… not small appetizers or charcuterie stuff, it’s a little more substantial, but dependent on course offerings.

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