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Glenn Foster

Hello all players. I’m personally a fan of the tee times, since 1st implemented during C-19 protocols! I know the ride share thing is an issue, but anyone can request to play in same flight together to eliminate that problem? I’m not sure if that effects handicap ranges a lot because of number of contestants in a flight. I don’t know how people get so mad because of skins either, because there’s issues every year from something/somebody, somewhere. So, this isn’t going to go over very well, since they aren’t run or sanctioned by the committee, they could be eliminated to stop the need for this complaint to exist. It’s become a big thing for some players to ” pay for the trip if I win some skins.” I’ve done them, don’t get me wrong, but these aren’t necessary to run/play this event.
I’ve had the earliest & latest tee times those weeks and still had 5 hr. rounds and the earlier tee time was 3rd off at Love course that morning, ( we started on 10), and we still waited on 1st tee at the turn for groups to leave #1 ( the other flight on the course) before playing so automatic slow up built in after front/1st nine holes.
I favor the less crowded range, clubhouse & putting green aspect, as well as getting some more course options that will get us to experience the Tidewater or other additional premium assignments!
The year we had 3 somes and everyone had their own carts were awesome, during Covid. So much faster and every group played better and relaxed moving faster. We commented on this several days while playing. Straight to your shot, figure out your mileage/shot and wait for area to clear…but those days won’t happen again anytime soon.
Give this a chance, work with your buddies about playing together by playing up or down in handicap(s), plan an hour to meet up at Convention Center afterwards, get a table and enjoy the time together. Pretend you don’t know the tournament ever worked in another format? You wouldn’t tell yourself ” if it isn’t shotgun start, I’m never gonna try to play it” before your 1st time?
I’ve played in this 27+ times and let’s look for solutions to the schedule, not be obstinate. This might be something you like if you have a 1 1/2+ hr. drive to Wedgefield Plantation and have to leave before 6:00 am for a shotgun start because of normal traffic, or a 10 min. trip to course with a 9:10 tee time, leave at 8:00 am and sleep late, or have breakfast with the family?

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