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Bob Newman

Mike, wait till you hit 75 and then you will know what loosing yardage really means. I got new clubs from August thru September and picked us some yardage.. Big thing is that they are lighter. I flushed a 6 iron on Tuesday and hit it about 156 to a hole location that I have not able to get a 4 hybrid to. (same location I use to hit a 6 iron to from 30 yards back). unfortunately, the hole was cut at 136 yards in a different location. BUT it felt ssoooo gooood. Its going to be interesting to see if I can make it 3 days in a row at QSCHOOL, I’m in better shape than i have been in years/. Dropped 55 lbs and walking 2 miles in 31 minutes on treadmill. but walking on CPO on verry hilly course is taking a toll on me.Hopefullyu I got a few years left on me. Take care and hope to see you in August

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