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Bruce Friend

Personal opinion from someone that hasn’t bought it and never will, mostly due to principal.

Depends on many factors and you can’t estimate an average. On busy nights, most years Monday and Thursday are busiest, lines at most stations in the first hour can be long. Depends on the restaurant and how they are staffed along with their food prep on how fast the line goes. Sometimes it is a few minutes, sometimes much longer. If you are impatient and want your food “on demand” and have the money to buy a fast pass, you would probably find it to be worth it. I’m patient and I have my system on how I get my food throughout the night as I don’t need the most popular station in the first hour as I’m enjoying the beer selections so I’m good with the normal lines. Most important is the ice cream line and they do a great job with that line going quickly and don’t think there is a fast pass line there.

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