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Bob Newman

I DQ’d myself. I got on the wrong tees. Played in 70-79 super senior division. When follow up email came out I )on my phone) again selected super senior division but did no see box at far right for TEES and it defaults to white tees. Another Player in the group also noticed he was on the wrong team and we did nothing we told you handle it scoring which by the time we got the scoring, there was nothing we could do about it. First day yardage difference was not significant. Played well. Second day yardage difference was 30+ yards per hole and I could not handle that. So last day decided to play the yardage that should have been playing at Calendona and played well and enjoyed the round but dq’d myself. Had conversations with Scott and Ryan and we are fine, but was told it would not be an issue in future as it would be just like WA in the future during signup.
Will be signing up before z Thursday deadline.

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