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Mike Sigmon

Oh heck we were in the same course assignments I was in flight 7 so you must have been in flight 8 dang wish I had knew that I would have surely looked you up for a face to face..You know the tee assignments were crazy I did manage to win flight 7 by 1 shot but heck on Wed. at Caledonia I think I started on hole 15 I played the Senior Tee’s & the other 3 guys were playing the Super Senior tee’s I lasered them after I hit my tee ball they were 97 yards in front of where I hit my tee shot from. That set up was just crazy I had a 5 iron to the green they were hitting Pitching wedges I do think everyone in the flights should be playing the same tees for sure. some of the par 3’s over the 3 days were 30 to 100 yards difference some of us were hitting 6 irons and they were hitting wedges and playing closest to the pins and a SCAT game. The handicap break down in flight 7 was 3.6 to 14.2 in flight 8 it was 14.5 to 25 all the scats were won in flight 8 no one in flight 7 had a chance some of the scats won were people getting eagles on par 4’s some getting 2 shots on a hole and playing tee’s like we played LOL like I said it was crazy. I really don’t care to play like that when you are playing closest to pins, and a Scat game hitting wedges into par 3’s and par 4’s are a lot easer than hitting a 5 or 6 iron heck several of the par 4 I could have drove from the tees they played.

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