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    9:20AM and we have 1,000 handicaps sent in! Great job everyone, if you’re part of that group start bugging your friends. If you’re not, send it in and help us get everyone their course rotations on time!!

    Josh Wurzberger




    Tommy Briggs


    Mike Sigmon

    Glad to see the good response to people getting the index in I just sent mine over…Keep us up to date Scott on the totals would be great if everyone got them in by this evening. Wishful thinking lol


    1,600+. It’s not usually about the 95% who are diligent over the first 24 hours.. it’s the 5% who aren’t! That’s our hangup every year.

    Charles Freeland

    If it’s not important enough to an individual to respond in 24 hours, just cut ’em off. Don’t chase anyone.

    Bob Newman

    Scott, I didn’t realize that today was the day they came out, I got two more bad scores to post.


    Called the nephew this morning. He wouldn’t have got his in by 5:00 P.M. if I didn’t catch him before he went to work. Rookie! So I know now we won’t be waiting for him, thank God!

    Mike Lawson

    Received first request at 7:19 yesterday morning, second request at 5:37. Sorry but left home at 6:00am and returned at 6:00pm. Sorry, but got it done and sent by 6:30pm. Some of us old guys still work.
    Looking forward to my first WA, so expecting fun.

    Josh Wurzberger

    Scott- Where we at now?


    175 left and at a standstill!!

    Bobby Thomas

    SMH…depending on others to do what they are supposed to is frustrating….

    Bob Whittington

    People have known for weeks that the handicap verification is on August 15th. With 32 hours to submit the information, if they do not give on time, I think a 1 stroke deduction on their World am HDCP would be in order.

    Josh Wurzberger

    I think that is a great idea Bob!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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